Historical Note

From 1996 to 2001 under the service trademark "Feinarbeit®" an
association of free-lance software engineers offered professional
software component development in compiler construction, VR/CAD
to the industry.

As customers among others Softlab GmbH (Munich, Atlanta, Paris),
sd&m AG (Munich), Dresdner Bank AG (Frankfurt) and BMW AG
(Munich) were served.

Members of the the Feinarbeit association among others were Oliver
Bierwagen, Valentina Djordjevic, Robert Hoedicke, Matthias Horbank,
Hans Huebner, Matthias Illg, Bjoern Karge, Thipor Kong, Denis Kuniss,
Brigitte Luedecke, Karl Johann Schmidt, Christoph Stratmann, Ronald
Volkmann and Matthias Weh.

The association was initiated and managed by Olaf Langmack.


As of April 2001 and September 2001 services previously offered
under the trademark "Feinarbeit®" are provided by two separate
organizations. For applied research in information technology you
are kindly referred to:


For compiler construction and engineering services you are kindly
referred to:

There is no automatic forwarding. If you want to know about the
continued use of the trademark send mail to langmack@transformal.com.
Below you find a screenshot of the original web site:

End of Note